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Industrial Park

Type of use
Industry / Business / Offices / Apartments
Area size
188’000 m²
Useful area
134’000 m²
Building volume
707’000 m³

Kleindöttingen industrial park is a large-scale industrial and commercial zone with a rich history. The site in a rural, congestion-free area offers excellent connections to the business centre of Zurich, which is only 30 kilometres away.

Site overview

Due to investments made in recent years, the Kleindöttingen industrial park already has a high proportion of new energy-efficient buildings. In addition, plans have been made to further renovate the existing buildings of the park in the coming years and to add selected new buildings. Thanks to the large building land reserve, which can partially be used for apartments, it will be possible to create a high quality mix of commercial and residential space in the future.

Due to the connection with the Refuna district heating network, all users benefit from a secure energy supply and extremely favourable heating costs. Peaks in consumption are covered by a central heating system that was created at the site in 2014.

Another advantage is the large number of parking places available as well as the nearby public transport stations.  


The municipality of Kleindöttingen (Böttstein) is located on the northern border of the Brugg-Zurzach region. It is rather rural and counts nearly 4000 inhabitants. The site brings together attractive conditions for employers and high quality of life for employees. Employees benefit from good shopping facilities in nearby Germany while employers can draw as needed on the employment potential of cross-border workers.

Though the site is not directly connected with the motorway network, it can still be reached easily and without traffic from most of the regions of the Swiss Plateau.

The region is linked to the suburban train network of Zurich and Baden via the train stations of Döttingen and Klingnau. Baden and Zurich can therefore be reached within 15 and 35 minutes, respectively, via lines that run every 15 minutes.

 In addition, the Klingnau and Döttingen region is not without scenic charm.  It is home to a nationally well-known vineyard of approximately 30 h, and the Klingnau reservoir is considered internationally to be an important sanctuary for water birds.

Industrial Park Kleindöttingen Industrial Park Kleindöttingen



Industry / Business
53 000 m²
Office space
9000 m²
Retail space
0 m²
0 m²
Outdoor areas
72 000 m²

Basic parameters

Building zone
Work zone A/15
Noise sensitivity level
Max. building height
15 m
7000 m²

of industrial halls ready for construction (Newport III)

30 Mio.

invested in new buildings since 2000



The concept of the Kleindöttingen industrial park provides for other specialised users from the production and technical sectors to join the companies that are already settled there. A high-tech cluster can thus be established in which ideally, individual companies will be able to mutually benefit from each other or at least take advantage of the spatial proximity. This includes the potential creation of synergies, as companies could organise logistics together or assist each other with short processing routes, decision lines and delivery channels.  

Ideal conditions

HIAG has spared no effort in creating ideal conditions for developing the site and facilitating the integration of the tenants. With customised facilities and infrastructure, HIAG intends to create targeted rental areas for commercial use. A prototype of this strategy has already been implemented in the form of multi-functional industrial halls at the Newport I+II Project.  

Apartments directly on the water 

Good news for all nature lovers who appreciate having a direct view of the lake and countryside from their homes: once the gravel quarry has been moved, further site development will begin as of 2018 with the planned construction of apartments on the land reserve directly on the waterfront. 

Selected users

The Kleindöttingen industrial park is already composed of an interesting mix of industrial and commercial establishments. It has been growing continuously, the users feel at ease there, and ideally synergies between companies will be created and taken advantage of.

Quant Switzerland GmbH
since 2013

ABB carries out a wide range of services at the Kleindöttingen site that revolve around electric motors. These motors are used worldwide in power plants, cable cars and trains, among other things. Inspection, modification and repairs are only a few of the services rendered.

Workplaces 100
Rentable Area 6800 m²
Brugg Rohrsysteme AG
since 1998

Production of flexible and rigid insulated pipe systems made of metal and plastic. With approximately 40 pipe systems and over 20 000 items, the Brugg company offers the widest product assortment on the market.

Workplaces 155
Rentable Area 58‘000 m²
FunderMax Swiss AG
since 2014

The Austrian company FunderMax develops, produces and markets wood-based products and compact laminate for indoor and outdoor use. The Swiss national affiliate has its headquarters and distribution base in Kleindöttingen.

Workplaces 25
Rentable Area 3100 m²
Imhof Bio-Logistik AG
since 2012

Imhof Bio-Logistik AG processes, assembles and packages fresh vegetables, salads and fruits at the Kleindöttingen site, where the headquarters of the Imhof Group is also located.

Workplaces 30
Rentable Area 3800 m²
Quant Switzerland GmbH
since 2013

The former company ABB Full Services has been operating as an independent company under the name of Quant since January 2015. The Swiss national affiliate and sheet metal factory are based in Kleindöttingen.

Workplaces 50
Rentable Area 5200 m²
Symotech AG
since 2002

Symotech AG provides a wide spectrum of services in the field of outsourcing, desktop virtualisation, availability solutions, consulting and infrastructure and operates three computing centres in Kleindöttingen.

Workplaces 23
Rentable Area 1200 m²


Starting in 1850

An economic upswing began in the region with the construction of the Turgi - Koblenz railway line in 1859. Factories quickly moved in, most of which were part of the woodworking industry. In 1900, the "box factory" was founded in Klingnau. It gave rise to one of the most important companies in the Swiss timber industry, Keller & Co., from which Novopan AG was formed in 1945.


1920 to 1970
Boom of the timber industry

With the invention of the Novopan particle board by the Swiss engineer Fahrni, a completely sturdy, tension-free wood product became a reality. In 1947, the first particle board factory in the world started operations in Klingnau. The development of the plastic sheet by Kelco followed in 1955. In 1970, the company expanded to the other side of the river into the municipality of Kleindöttingen (Böttstein). The most modern Novopan factory in the world, Plant IV, was built for approximately CHF 100 million.


1975 to today
Decline and repositioning as a service and high-tech site

Starting in about 1975, the demand for wood products suddenly decreased due to recession. There was a country-wide downturn in the woodworking industry. A large number of sites had to be gradually shut down. Some of the existing buildings - such as the former forest product tower - could still be converted or used. Starting in 2000, approximately 20’000 m² of modern and multi-functional industrial halls were created in several phases for users from the technical and logistics industries.

Selected properties

Newport Phases I–II

The first two phases of the Newport Project include 11 multi-functional industrial halls made of wood with a surface area of 13’000 m². The entire building was constructed in a record-breaking construction time of twelve months from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the premises. As part of the planning process, the multi-functional basic unit was adapted to specific client needs in close collaboration with the users. The structures feature excellent natural lighting and stand out for their fire and earthquake resistant design. Construction was carried out exclusively by local construction companies despite considerable time and cost pressure.


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