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M+S Site

Type of use
Retail / Business / Offices
Area size
44’585 m²
Useful area
22’000 m²
Building volume
201’900 m³

The commercial and industrial M+S site is rich in history and today provides excellent conditions for manufacturing and service-oriented companies. Its optimal location in the heart of Switzerland makes it attractive for other uses too.

Site overview

The M+S site in Brugg has an optimal land grid. The approximately 45’000 m² parcel of land is relatively square, flat and located in the industrial zone with the lowest sensitivity level. The clever design of the former Georg Fischer factory premises is still current 50 years later. The approximately 15’000 m² commercial hall occupies the western half of the site and is linked to the five-floor administrative building by a connecting structure. There is a total of 275 outdoor parking places along the Wildischachenstrasse, creating a considerable reserve for future use along with the ample park areas around the office building.

The choice of hall type was adapted to the Georg Fischer AG production and manufacturing process. For sensitive and precise work, a building with good natural lighting was essential. The north-facing saw-tooth roof was able to fulfil this requirement; it is still a source of added qualitative value today.

The minimalist, flexible construction and the ingenious basic measurements/grid of the commercial hall and administrative building make it possible to meet future user requirements in a simple and pragmatic way.


The municipality of Brugg (AG) is the centre of a small agglomeration with about 11’000 inhabitants. Due to its central location, up to 600’000 people and around 230’000 employees can be reached within a perimeter of 30 minutes travel time around the municipality, which represents about 8% of the Swiss population and of all domestic employment.

The M+S site in Brugg is located on the outskirts of the "Wildischachen" industrial area and includes almost 45’000 m² of land area in the industrial zone. There is a five-storey office building at the site as well as a multi-functional commercial and storage hall. The A3 motorway is only 6 km away, and the accessibility of the site will be considerably increased by the construction of the planned Brugg "southwest bypass". The direct connection to the A3 motorway is currently being implemented so that the agglomerations of Basel and Zurich can be reached within 40 minutes by car.

Due to its central location in the Swiss Plateau, the economic catchment area of Brugg is the ideal site for productive and industrial companies.

M+S site Brugg M+S site Brugg



Industry / Business
16’500 m²
Office space
5’500 m²
Retail space
0 m²
0 m²
Parking space

Basic parameters

Site area
44’585 m²
Building zone
Work zone 2
Floor space ratio
no restrictions
Max. building height
no restrictions
Sensitivity level

approximate year of completion of the southwest bypass (motorway feeder K128)


parking spaces are available for tenants


The M+S site in Brugg is a business site in strong demand that benefits from its proximity to the economic centres of Basel and Zurich. The flexible, high-quality basic structure of the component buildings and the liberal zoning regulations allow the site to be redeveloped and optimised as a workplace. The first projects in this regard have already been carried out or are in the execution phase.

E.g., the administrative building is being renovated and expanded as per the tenant's requirements. The infrastructure, facility management and service access of the office building are separate from the business hall, so that both buildings can be operated independently and autonomous development will be possible in the future.

The accessibility of the site will increase significantly with the construction of the planned Brugg "southwest bypass" and the resulting direct connection to the A3 motorway. According to the canton, this infrastructure will be implemented by 2020. The creation of the bypass will make the site attractive for other uses and offer new perspectives.


Construction of the "Wildischachen" factory started in 1961 following the decision by Georg Fischer AG to move production of wood processing and textile machines to Brugg. The factory site was already designed in such a way that future upgrades and extensions could be achieved with minimal effort.

After the merger of Georg Fischer AG with the machine factory Rüti AG in 1969, the companies focused on the production of weaving machines in Brugg. The manufacture of woodworking machines was transferred to the Oehler & Cie. AG company in Aarau, which had just been added to the group of companies.

The production of weaving machines was concentrated more strongly in subsequent years in Rüti, and Brugg then only served as a supply site. Given the deep recession, in 1974 the companies were forced to make massive job cuts and reduce the number of employees by half. In 1988, the entire factory was sold to ESSIN Holding AG. From this point on, the factory premises - and the company - were called "M+S Brugg" (Machines and Systems, Brugg). Since M+S Brugg did not require as much space, third-party tenants were gradually moved into the commercial hall and administrative building. When the administrative building was rented to the cantonal police and the public prosecutor's office in 2003, the site started to regain some of its former notoriety. HIAG has been the owner of the M+S site in Brugg since 2012.

Since then, the first projects have been initiated and implemented.

Selected users

Thanks to its attractive location, the M+S site in Brugg offers added value for various users. Some like the peripheral, traffic-free location, while others appreciate the proximity to the city of Brugg and its infrastructure. An ideal situation for productive and service-oriented companies.

Cantonal and regional police

The Brugg regional police station is responsible for the local safety of the city of Brugg and 18 partner municipalities with a total of 45’000 inhabitants. In addition, the Aargau cantonal police is also present on-site and can benefit from synergies due to its proximity to the regional authority.

Workplaces ca. 50
Rentable Area 2’100 m²
Swiss Border Guard

The Swiss Border Guard is the armed and uniformed corps of the Federal Customs Administration and is part of the Federal Department of Finance. It is the largest national civil security body in Switzerland.

Workplaces ca. 35
Rentable Area 1’000 m²
Public Prosecutor's Office of the Canton of Aargau

As a law enforcement agency, the public prosecutor's office is legally required to officially initiate investigations when it becomes aware of criminal acts. The public prosecutors at the Brugg site are responsible for the Brugg-Zurzach district.

Workplaces ca. 30
Rentable Area 1’000 m²
Hatebur Swiss Precision AG

Hatebur is a worldwide leader in the development and sale of high-quality press equipment and tools with which metal precision parts can be made in large production runs. Founded in 1930, the family company has laid milestones in the history of the modern massive forming industry via a range of ground-breaking products.

Workplaces ca. 15
Rentable Area 1’500 m²
BL Fenster AG

BL Fenster AG is one of the leading window suppliers in Switzerland. Custom-made plastic and aluminium/plastic windows are designed at the Brugg site, and thanks to the modern machinery, created within a few days.

Workplaces ca. 15
Rentable Area 1’500 m²


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