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Reichhold site

Type of use
Industry / Business / Offices
Area size
63’000 m²
Useful area
0 m²
Building volume
410’000 m³

The Reichhold site is one of the key development areas in the canton of Aargau. Its ideal location close to the motorway intersection of Zurich/Bern/Basel makes it an attractive site for industry and commerce in the heart of Switzerland.

Site overview

The Reichhold site is located in Hausen and Lupfig, two municipalities in Aargau. With approximately 63’000 square metres of land area, the site offers practically unlimited possibilities. Areas starting at around 1’000 square metres are available for industrial and business operations. The building and usage regulations of the municipalities of Hausen and Lupfig explicitly exclude pure logistics companies and specialist retailers.

The site has been opened-up at three places at the end of Hauserstrasse. The Brugg / Windisch motorway entrance is located a few hundred metres away. The part of the site in Hausen is about 27’000 square metres and the part in Lupfig is around 35’000 square metres. Due to its prior industrial use, there is a base plate on the Lupfig side, which will be dismantled over the course of redevelopment. The Hausen part of the site is largely unsurfaced.

The master plan signed in November 2014 regulates inter-municipal issues such as housing, transport, the environment and land management. The master plan lays the foundation for downstream design plans. It is therefore assumed that the site will be redeveloped in stages. This is also the reason why several design plans must be developed.


The municipalities of Hausen and Lupfig are located in the Baden-Brugg agglomeration in the Birrfeld region. Between 34’000 and 269’000 people live within a perimeter of 10 to 20 minutes travel time around the municipalities. From Hausen and Lupfig, 755’000 inhabitants and 285’000 employees in Switzerland can be reached within a half hour by car. The cities of Zurich, Basel and Bern can be reached in 30, 40 and 70 minutes, respectively.

The motorway entrance is located a few hundred metres from the site. With buses running every 15 minutes, bus line 364 connects the site with the Brugg train station, from which the Zurich central train station can be reached in 24 minutes and the Zurich airport in 36 minutes.

Due to its central location in the Swiss Plateau, Birrfeld is the ideal development site for business and industrial companies. As part of the development priority "Eigenamt", the Reichhold site benefited from the high-tech initiative of the canton of Aargau. The proximity with the University of Applied Sciences of North-West Switzerland ensures access to qualified personnel. 

Reichhold site Reichhold site


The Reichhold site is located in the Birrfeld region directly on the border between Hausen and Lupfig, two municipalities in the canton of Aargau. Thanks to its proximity with the A1 and A3 motorway entrances, the transport situation is excellent.The Reichhold site is located in the Birrfeld region directly on the border between Hausen and Lupfig, two municipalities in the canton of Aargau. Thanks to its proximity with the A1 and A3 motorway entrances, the transport situation is excellent.

Hausen site area
27'235 m²
Lupfig site area
34'922 m²
Hausen zone
Work zone
Lupfig zone
Industrial zone
Hausen floor space ratio
Lupfig floor space ratio

potential: the wasteland here is about to enter into a bright redevelopment phase


cost of a bus ticket to the Brugg train station, which can be reached in about 15 minutes.


In November 2014, HIAG signed a master plan for an industrial and business park at the Reichhold site with the municipalities of Hausen and Lupfig and other land owners. This plan lays a flexible foundation for downstream design plans, which will be prepared in collaboration with the future users of the site and tailored to their requirements. HIAG expects that the gradual redevelopment of the site will take a total of 15 to 20 years.

In the long-term, the site is to be redeveloped into a mixed-use working quarter. Large-scale production operations will find their place here just as easily as small businesses and office workplaces. Emphasis has been placed on attracting high-tech operations that appreciate the qualities of the site and its proximity to institutions such as the PSI.

Services that can be used collectively such as a crèche or catering facilities add to the value of the site. A site-wide energy concept will optimise the energy consumption of the users. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to circulate safely around the site by means of a well-thought-out path concept.


Over the last 100 years, the Reichhold site has witnessed some eventful Swiss economic history:

  • In 1928, an entrepreneur named Knoblauch built a cement factory called Portland-Cement-Factory Hausen AG between the villages of Hausen and Lupfig, creating about 100 jobs. 
  • In 1931, cartel competition forced the company to its knees and Knoblauch, the founder of the company, had to cease operations. 
  • In 1938, an entrepreneur named Münzel founded Dr Münzel's Chemical Factory at the site of the former cement factory, where he refined oil for the lacquer and dye industry.
  • In 1944, Münzel expanded the production facilities to the Lupfig side of the site, built an administrative building on the Hausen side and named his company Oil and Chemistry Factory AG from that point on. 
  • In 1951, the company joined the American Reichhold Chemicals Inc., a large-scale manufacturer of synthetic resins and chemicals, via a licensing agreement.
  • In 1959, 160 workers at the site produced 30’000 tons of chemical products annually. Due to its close relationship with the licensor, the company now went by the name Reichhold Chemistry AG. 
  • In 1993, Reichhold Chemistry had to massively invest in the clean-up of environmental damage that the company had caused over the past decades and was shut down by the American parent company.
  • In 2006, the company Swiss North American Properties took over the Reichhold site and demolished all of the buildings, but did not develop the area any further after this.
  •  In 2012, HIAG purchased the Reichhold site and started a master plan for the future of the site in collaboration with the municipalities of Hausen and Lupfig.
  • In 2015, the starting signal was given for companies to move in: once the municipalities and the land owners had signed the master plan, HIAG started sales at the site

Redevelopment undertaken so far

HIAG developed a master plan in collaboration with other land owners as well as the municipalities. It was signed in November 2014. The goal of the master plan is to create a sustainable work zone at the Reichhold site and to coordinate the requirements of the municipalities, canton and land owners.

The master plan lays the foundation for downstream design plans and is the first milestone in the redevelopment of the site. The public was involved in the process as part of a consultation procedure and kept informed through events.


Who can move into the Reichhold site?
Areas starting at around 1’000 square metres are available for industrial and business operations. Companies with high added value from the high-tech field are encouraged to settle here, among others.
Is construction of the Reichhold site planned in stages?
Given the size of the Reichhold site, staging of the building project is necessary and makes good sense. The location of the first project will depend on the needs of the interested companies.
Can the railway tracks be used?
Due the removal of a switch point, the railway tracks are not currently connected with the SBB railway system. If reconnection with the network is desired, recommissioning can be looked into with the SBB.
What is the timeline for site redevelopment?
HIAG develops a design plan in collaboration with each user. This plan must then be evaluated by the municipality of Hausen or the municipality of Lupfig. After this, the building application can be submitted. A planning and construction period of about two years is to be expected from the moment the final site decision is made until the project is completed. HIAG estimates that the redevelopment of the entire Reichhold site will take 15 to 20 years.


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