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Retail site

Type of use
Retail space / Business / Offices / Culture + Leisure
Area size
38’600 m²
Useful area
38’200 m²
Building volume
280’000 m³

The site in Dietikon is directly accessible from the motorway and is located in the Silbern industrial area. The industrial area is well served by a city bus line that runs every 15 minutes.

Site overview

The entire site is composed of various building types, which have been somewhat expanded over the years. Sufficient parking places are available in the underground garage as well as outdoors. Rails run along Riedstrasse, which indicate its former purely industrial use. To make the area in front of the business units more attractive for passers-by and customers, the tracks will be removed. Additional seating with greenery will spruce up the walkway.

All of the areas are located in the industrial zone with permits for commerce and services.


The municipality of Dietikon is located in the agglomeration of Zurich and is home to approximately 24’900 inhabitants. It boasts a central location in the economic catchment area of Zurich and is an important hub for regional and individual transportation. In addition, the Silbern industrial area is the most important employer of the city of Dietikon. 54’000 and 284’000 people live within a perimeter of 10 to 20 minutes travel time respectively around Dietikon. From Dietikon, 1’300’000 inhabitants and around 711’000 employees can be reached in Switzerland within an hour by car. The number of jobs in Dietikon has risen by 8.2% since 2001.

About 13% of employees work in the wholesale industry. The region of Limmattal, in which Dietikon is located, had positive net business migration in 2013 and 2014. Dietikon is considered to be a municipality with an excellent location for office use as well as retail space. The industrial area is serviced by a city bus line with buses running every 15 minutes. A sufficient number of parking places adds to its good accessibility and enables tenants as well as customers to have a pleasant trip there. The local companies offer many jobs in addition to shopping facilities for residents and commuters.

Retail-Area Retail-Area


The HIAG site in Dietikon is a prelude to the Silbern area and is located in the immediate vicinity of the A1 and A3 motorways. There is a bus stop on Riedstrasse and sufficient customer parking places are available.

Office space
2’800 m²
Business space
1’300 m²
Retail space
25’000 m²
Leisure + Culture
6’400 m²
Storage space
2’700 m²
Parking space
Site area
38’600 m²
Building zone
Industrial zone
Floor space ratio
280’000 m³
15 min

intervals between buses (Dietikon train station to Silbern)


parking places


The Retail site is located at the entrance to the Silbern-Lerzen-Stierenmatt (SLS) industrial area of the city of Dietikon. Various well-known and very popular companies in the retail industry have settled at the site as long-term tenants.

The high traffic volume forced the city of Dietikon to take measures that have been taken up again in the cantonal design plan for the Silbern area. This includes an approach that aims to reduce retail to a smaller part of the area. The land parcels of the HIAG site are a part of this. The focus is therefore on maintaining and completing the existing retail offer. To make a stroll by the various retail units more pleasant, some work has been planned to update the site. Seating and quiet areas as well as new greenery will be provided for. Implementation of this renovation work is to be finished by the end of 2015.


The area of today's Retail site in Dietikon was undeveloped until 1982.

  • In 1980, a municipal vote took place. The purchase of the industrial land parcels (category No. 9700/11’907 m²) on Riedstrasse by the company HOLZCO Schalungstechnik AG was proposed.
  • In 1982, the HOLZCO Schalungstechnik AG buildings were completed and began operations.
  • HIAG Handel also settled there with storage areas.
  • However, for profitability reasons, the warehouse at this well-developed site was closed and moved, so that the premises could be put to better use.
  • In 1984, LIPO became a tenant at the site. The cornerstone for retail tenants at the site was thus laid.
  • In 1999, Media Markt followed as a tenant.
  • The HOLZCO company remained at the site until 2002 as an economically important company. However, the existing space had become too small. For example, a delivery truck could only approach in reverse to make a delivery. In addition, the railway was no longer operational. A change of location was becoming increasingly necessary.
  • Athleticum was won over as a tenant for the vacated area.
  • Today, there is a very good mix of tenants that complement each other, and the renovation of the surroundings will increase the quality of the site for customers and employees of the resident companies.

Selected users

Today, the Retail site in Dietikon is composed of a multi-faceted mix of tenants in the retail industry.

Athleticum Sportmarkets AG
since 2002

Athleticum Sportmarkets AG is a single-source supplier with a range of approximately 60’000 items. The subsidiary of the Maus-Frères Gruppe (Geneva) was founded in 1995 and operates over 20 affiliates throughout Switzerland as well as an online store. Each affiliate has its own service workshop, in which all of the sports equipment in the Athleticum product range can be serviced.

Fressnapf Schweiz AG
since 2000

From pet food, accessories and toys to life jackets for dogs. Animal lovers could already find useful and original products for their pets at the first Fressnapf store. The resounding success of this first store, which was opened in 1990 in Erkelenz (Germany), laid the foundation for Fressnapf Tiernahrungs GmbH to become the largest specialty chain for animal food and accessories in Europe today, boasting an enormous selection of products, top expert advice and the lowest prices. Fressnapf Switzerland was founded in 1998 and includes 48 specialty stores throughout Switzerland. Further openings are planned at customer-friendly sites.

LIPO Einrichtungsmärkte AG
since 1984

LIPO Einrichtungsmärkte AG is one of the 7 largest Swiss furniture companies. LIPO offers everything you need for the home under one roof. The quality of the products and above-average service, in addition to already low prices, are the focus of the business philosophy.

Media Markt
since 1999

More than 600 stores in 15 countries worldwide with retail space of up to 10’000 square metres and a range of 45’000 items on average - those are the reference data of a commercial enterprise whose exceptional growth dynamic has been keeping the industry on its toes for more than 30 years.

since 1999

In the 1980s, Otto Ineichen laid the foundation for a one-of-a-kind success story with a visionary business idea and a great deal of courage. After a promising start, the company switched from OTTO'S Schadenposten (items sold cheap due to damage) to OTTO'S Warenposten (quality items) and finally to OTTO'S. Today, approximately 1’800 employees work in over 100 subsidiaries throughout Switzerland. Today, the innovative family company is a paradise for bargain hunters.

Reno Schuh AG
since 1991

Reno Schuh GmbH is a German company in the footwear trade with many footwear subsidiaries. Reno is currently present in over 20 countries. The purpose of the company is to purchase and sell shoes in the mid-price range. In 1997, the company transferred the focus of the business from mail-order sales to chain stores. Today, the company belongs to the merged Hamm-Reno-Group (HR Group) in Osnabrück.


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