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Walzmühle site

Type of use
Apartments / Business / Offices
Area size
15’000 m²

The Walzmühle site in Frauenfeld is one of the most important industrial sites in the canton of Thurgau. The idyllic location on the Murg River and the short walk from the city centre allow for a wide range of uses from residential to commercial space; there are also local recreation facilities in the immediate area around the site.

Site overview

The Walzmühle site is located in the northern part of Frauenfeld, directly on the Murg River. With approximately 15’000 square metres of land area, the site offers architectural diversity in a small area.

The site is composed of various buildings that all have a different architectural concept. The existing shed hall is being replaced by terraced lofts. The protected historical north façade is being integrated into the project. The protected historical central building captivates with its open wooden supporting structure, which will be preserved as far as possible. The new usage with rental and office space takes this into account.

The Walzmühle building, which is also a protected historic site and the most important architectural landmark at the site, convinces with its bright, generously-sized rooms and the southern-facing orientation. The building is being converted into 21 condominiums that will make full use of the qualities of the building. The south side of the site offers a large no-building zone along the Murg River. It is ideally located between the building complexes and forms a natural transition to the neighbouring land parcels.

The current design plan allows a great deal of leeway in possible uses. Residential uses and selective commercial uses are therefore planned to the greatest possible extent.


The city of Frauenfeld is the capital of the canton of Thurgau. It is the centre of a large agglomeration and home to 24’000 people.

Frauenfeld was created as a fortified provincial settlement in the 13th century - the beginning of construction of the Frauenfeld castle can be dated back to 1230 using the wooden beams that are still in place today. The settlement, whose name was first documented in 1246, was created directly next to the castle at the end of the 13th century. Already in 1286, Frauenfeld was referred to as a city. Around 1500, Frauenfeld was the meeting place of the Federal Diet of Switzerland for the first time.

Thurgau, whose cantonal capital has been Frauenfeld from 1789 on, used its autonomy to do away with the old trade and commercial restrictions and clear the way for the extremely successful industrialisation in the 19th and first half of the 20th century.

Today, many buildings - such as the Walzmühle site - remain as monuments to Thurgau's pioneers of industrialisation and have undergone an exemplary transformation. Thanks to the high standards in residential and living space, Frauenfeld is still attracting technologically innovative and service companies and is considered to be a community with an eye on the future.

Walzmühle site Frauenfeld Walzmühle site Frauenfeld


The Walzmühle site has an idyllic location on the Murg River and is home to a charming industrial complex. The city centre of Frauenfeld can be reached in a few minutes by foot.

Site area
15’000 m²
Zone valid design plan

of the site is used for recreation and public use


terraced single family lofts are being built - a completely new product on the Frauenfeld housing market


The Walzmühle site has been divided into three different project sections. The first project section, called "Shed", involves the gentle renovation of the existing brick building. Workshop, retail and storage spaces will be offered here. The Shed hall is also being replaced by 8 terraced single-family lofts, accessible via an underground carpark with 70 parking spaces.

The Central Building part of the project calls for the conversion of the existing building into rental units and office space. The charm of the existing wooden structure will be largely preserved.

The Walzmühle building, which is the most distinctive building at the site, is being converted into 21 condominiums. The southern-facing location with a clear view over the no-building zone directly in front of the Murg offers a unique ambiance.


The Murg River to the south of the city of Frauenfeld was decisive in the choice of the Walzmühle site. Already used in the middle ages to produce energy, the founder of the Walzmühle company, Josef Anton Müller, also saw the banks of the Murg as the ideal site for his mill. The mill owner, a former privy counsellor to the Russian tsar who was living in Warsaw at the time, had a vision: a mill with a completely new grinding method. Instead of two flat mill stones lying on top of one another, counter-rotating steel rollers with fine grooves would grind the dry grain. He used a trip to his native country to win over investors for his vision, so that after founding the Walzmühle company, he was soon able to build the castle-like five-storey milling building with two wings.

When Josef Anton Müller died unexpectedly in 1833, the factory building had just been completed, the Murg canal dug and the 24 horsepower-strong iron waterwheel assembled - but the rollers, in which the grist was to be crushed and ground, were not working. The technically skilled factory director and shareholder Johann Jakob Sulzenberger managed to get the rollers and the factory working. The result was very progressive for the time: two rolling mills produced 500 kg of flour per hour. 100 people were hired. The success was only short-lived, however, as a crop failure in 1847 paralysed the mill.

The mill pressed on until 1872. After a five-year vacancy, a snuff factory rented the Walzmühle site from 1877 to 1904. The gradual liberalisation at the beginning of the 20th century boosted industrialisation along the Murg and the Walzmühle site experienced a new revival: in 1917, the aluminium goods company Ferdinand Sigg, which was taken over by Alu Menziken AG in 1936, established its business premises there. Until 1995, the company manufactured their well-known drink cans, among other things, at the Walzmühle site with turbine power and built other buildings for the production of aluminium goods at the site. Due to the transfer of the business to a new building close by, the Walzmühle site, with a total of 1.5 hectares of surface area and the existing buildings, was taken over by Walzmühle Immobilien AG in 1995. Amid the historic surroundings, the new owner created a place with various uses at the site: in 2000, small business and storage areas as well as residential lofts were created in the northern section.

Since the purchase of the idyllic site in the summer of 2013 by HIAG, new life will be breathed into the buildings in the coming years and the Walzmühle site in Frauenfeld redeveloped.

In July 2017, the groundbreaking for redevelopment of the Walzmühle site took place.

Selected users

The Walzmühle site is currently home to an interesting mix of tenants who will mostly stay on after the conversion. The charm of the building reflects the creative environment and the structure of the tenants.

Balz Kubli Fotograf

A creative and successful photography studio.

CJB School of Music

Guitar, bass and singing lessons are successfully given here.Guitar, bass and singing lessons are successfully given here.

Face AG

As one of the leading advertising agencies in Switzerland, Face AG has already popularized a great many brands.

Lisi und Partner Fashion GmbH

Lisi and Partner have managed to occupy a niche in the textile industry. With multiple patents, the company offers custom-made ties, handkerchiefs and scarves, among other things.

Markus Graf Atelier

Markus Graf is an iron sculptor who always sets out to find simplicity in the interaction between material and form. From a flat, generally rectangular metal plate, spaces are created, a few cuts, curved surfaces and curved edges bring movement and tension to the sculptures, which rest in themselves.


Approximately 20 transmitter systems ensure optimal air reception via FM radio. The transmission area of RADIO TOP covers the following regions: Greater Winterthur and Zurich area, Zurich lowlands, highlands, Andelfingen district, Schaffhausen, canton of Thurgau, Wil region, Rapperswil-Jona/See-Gaster and St. Gallen. RADIO TOP is also broadcast in these regions by cable as well as in a large parts of German-speaking Switzerland via DAB+. In addition, RADIO TOP can be received worldwide via internet and smartphone apps.

Gimmi Umzüge

Your partner for the perfect move, personal or business.

StromIdee GmbH

At StromIdee GmbH, technology and creativity are combined in the name. StromIdee GmbH offers development services related to electronic devices and systems.


Stuntarts is active in the visual communication field. They design visual graphics, from corporate designs and image brochures to websites; from concept to creation.


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