Reichholdareal Plan 221020

The Reichhold Campus becomes part of Hausen and Lupfig

The Reichhold Campus will provide space for over 1,000 jobs. Access to the existing transport network and connections to the water supply and wastewater infrastructure are essential prerequisites for the development of the future workplace.

A new bicycle connection between Hausen and Lupfig

In order to connect the campus to the existing transport network, a new road with two connection points will be built. In future, public transport will be routed via this road and stop at the heart of the campus. For non-motorised traffic, new pedestrian and cycle routes will be created, connecting Hausen and Lupfig and linking up with the planned cantonal cycle route along Hauserstrasse. (See map for details)

Water, electricity and communication lines

The existing facilities on the site no longer meet current and future requirements. For example, the dirty wastewater is now fed into the sewage system via a network of pipes, while the rainwater from the roofs is fed directly into the Aare via a separate pipe. The anergy network, which will provide the energy for cooling and heating the buildings in the future, will be supplemented with a gas network to meet the requirements of larger production plants.