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The focus is on what connects

A well thought-out network of streets and paths as well as numerous meeting places and natural spaces regulate everyday life and encourage togetherness.

Open space

Open space plays an important role at the Reichhold Campus. It promotes a sense of togetherness and the exchange of ideas between the employees of the various companies. Attractive, natural, ecologically high-quality and publicly accessible open spaces are planned. These will structure the development, offer passages and views, and be places of retreat and recreation. They are landscaped with local flora and reverence to the surrounding landscape. The individual buildings are accessible via a main access road and smaller side roads.

Read the interview with landscape architect Stefan Zantop here.

«The open space will one day orchestrate everyday life on the campus, regulate the connection to the surroundings and the access inside.» Stefan Zantop, landscape architect


The 75,000 square metre site is green and biodiverse: local trees, hedges and flowers grow between the houses. Not only people should feel at home here, but also rabbits, hedgehogs and butterflies. That is why greenery is not only allowed to grow between the houses on the campus, but also in the animal corridor in the south of the site.

Meeting places

Hausen and Lupfig also benefit from the open spaces of the campus. The former wasteland is being redesigned and is a gain for the communities: the walk along the banks of the Süssbach is being revitalised, the cycle path between the two towns is becoming continuous and various outdoor spaces on the campus are enticing people to linger.

Well connected with the surroundings

The Reichhold Campus will be ecologically and visually connected to the surrounding landscape. To achieve this, the transitions between the site and the surrounding area will be designed with particular care.