A place with a future

The flexible space on offer, a carefully designed outdoor area and a modern infrastructure form the ideal framework for innovative industrial companies and traditional craft businesses.

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A new kind of workspace

On the Campus Reichhold, small and large companies find space side by side. Traditional commercial enterprises, such as a carpenter's workshop or the production operations of a bakery, line up with industrial companies with development and production departments or SMEs, such as a catering or cleaning company. In short - a workplace in the best Swiss tradition.

Flexible togetherness

The Campus Reichhold can be reached quickly from anywhere in Switzerland. This makes it the ideal meeting place for business people who want to easily rent meeting rooms or co-working spaces by the hour. The sharing idea is also very important within the campus, with companies sharing exhibition rooms, the reception or the canteen, for example.

Open space

The population of Hausen and Lupfig will also benefit from the development. The area will be opened up and allow for new connections. A new slow traffic axis will connect the Lupfig railway station with the village centre of Hausen. In addition, the campus will be better connected to its green surroundings by creating a direct path into the surrounding idyllic landscape.

Moving into the future

The 75,000 square metre site was first built on in 1928: The Portland-Cement-Werke Hausen AG cement factory with around 100 employees established itself on the wasteland between Hausen und Lupfig. Eleven years later, Dr. Münzels Chemische Werke took over the site, which was further developed by changing owners in the following years.

In 1993 the site was shut down, and in 2006 all the buildings were demolished. HIAG bought the site in 2012 and carried out a remediation of contaminated sites between 2012 and 2020.

«The special location between the two communities of Lupfig and Hausen is the best prerequisite for emphasising the unifying and communal nature of the new development.»






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