The site

March 2022

First construction phase

April 2022

Start condominium sales

Winter 2022/2023

Start residential rentals


Start commercial rentals

Winter 2023/2024

Move-in condominiums

Summer 2024

Completion of first construction phase

Summer 2024

Move-in residential rentals

Winter 2024/2025

Start second construction phase

Project plan

2nd construction phase

The second phase is due to start in 2024.


Shops, cafés and spaces for new ways of working.


Neighbourhood meeting place with car park access – soon with Mobility Point.


Around 50 rental apartments for cross-generational living, of which 25 units are in the affordable segment.

Da Gama

Around 40 rental apartments for all lifestyles plus additional rooms for tenants to rent.


Around 50 owner-occupied apartments with views of the Lorze river.


OYM stands for On Your Marks, and since 2020 has been Switzerland’s most cutting-edge sports centre.


Lorze local recreational area, a park right on your doorstep.


The existing Lorzenpark houses low-impact businesses, offices and apartments.


Completion of first construction phase


rental apartments and condominiums

3’000 m²

of space for offices, services and businesses

HIAG Mobilitaet

Green and mobile

The defining features at CHAMA are its extensive green areas and shared spaces to relax and create. Ambling, chilling and co-creating are hugely important in this small new neighbourhood. Charging points for electric cars and a Mobility Point make it easy to use a range of pioneering means of transport. And with the planned Cham-Hünenberg bypass, reaching CHAMA will soon become even easier.

HIAG Angebotsdurchmischung

Unrivalled diversity of features

Intelligently designed spaces with joined-up infrastructure lay the foundation for diverse ways of life and working models. Offices and commercial premises are invigorated with co-working spaces – innovation is its lifeblood. Such a wide and varied portfolio of features breathes a colourful vibrancy into the neighbourhood and provides scope to evolve and grow.

HIAG Lebensraum

Attractive and innovative living environment

Shared spaces for relaxing and connecting are an invitation to chat over a picnic with neighbours. The local Lorze recreational area is right on your doorstep with a park perfect for a quick jaunt. The ambitiouscan sneak a peek at the next generation of athletes training at OYM, Switzerland’s most cutting-edge sports centre. And car enthusiasts can test drive the latest sporty number from the pioneers in electric car manufacturing, Tesla.



The first building block

‘Dock’ is already in place as the first CHAMA building to be completed. It forms a neighbourhood hub while providing access to underground parking for the surrounding buildings and will also soon feature a Mobility Point. Its rooftop affords fabulous views of the site and the progress made each day in construction.

The ideal place to live