The mixed-use area offers space to live and work in an idyllic location on the Reuss river near Zurich.


4 km

Kunzareal — Brugg
Distance 4 km
Drive 7 min

10 km

Kunzareal — Baden
Distance 10 km
Drive 15 min

25 km

Kunzareal — Waldshut
Distance 25 km
Drive 30 min

34 km

Kunzareal — Zürich
Distance 34 km
Drive 30 min

60 km

Kunzareal — Basel
Distance 60 km
Drive 45 min

100 km

Kunzareal — Bern
Distance 100 km
Drive 60 min

The Romans recognised that Unterwindisch was a special location and set up their legionary camp ‘Vindonissa’ in the area, from which they controlled the water traffic on the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers. Later during the years of industrialisation, the image of Unterwindisch was dominated by the Kunz spinning mill. Today, Windisch has established itself as a popular residential area and educational hub that benefits from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) with its new Campus Brugg-Windisch, which provides space for 3,000 students and 1,000 lecturers. And there are ample facilities for younger ones. The family-friendly municipality of Windisch has five kindergartens and five schools covering all levels.