Virtual tour

Here you can gain an accurate impression of the apartments at the Kunzareal. We have created some virtual tours as an added extra to give you a tantalising preview of the apartments.

We invite you to view your new apartment right here and now. Click on the appropriate link to start your tour.


  • 4.5 room apartment 4th floor K10: Tour
  • 4.5-room apartment 4th floor K10: Tour
  • 4.5 room garden apartment K12: Tour
  • 4.5 room apartment 2nd floor K12: Tour
  • 4.5-room garden apartment K14: Tour
  • 4.5 room apartment 1st floor K14: Tour
  • 3.5 room attic apartment K14: Tour
  • 3.5 room attic apartment K14: Tour

Rental Apartments