The heritage-protected Elektrowerkstatt provides studio space from 30 m² to 60 m² over a total area of almost 300 m².

Indoor parking spaces are available for rent or purchase. For further information, please contact Natali Müller.

Kunzareal Lageplan Arbeiten Elektrowerkstatt
Number Floor Size Net Additional costs Gross Download floor plan 3D
N°1 EG 36.00 m² let
N°2 EG 64.00 m² let
N°3 EG 34.00 m² let
N°4 EG 52.00 m² let
N°5 EG 37.00 m² let
N°6 EG 66.00 m² let

Here you can gain an accurate impression of the studios in the Elektrowerkstatt. We have created a virtual tour as an added extra to give you a tantalising preview of the studios.

We invite you to view your new studio right here and now. Click on the appropriate link to start your tour.


Elektrowerkstatt studio: Tour