Temporary uses create room for something new

Dominik Hess

“Wydeneck is a win-win situation. The temporary use allows us to offer tenants attractive properties and to generate cash flow at the same time.”

Dominik Hess, Wydeneck portfolio manager
HIAG Arealentw 2 Monika Gloor Srgb

“Being able to paint the roads at the Wydeneck site with kids and young people is a unique and inspiring project.”

Monika Gloor, painting instructor and art therapist-in-training
HIAG Arealentw 3 Urs Erbacher Srgb

“The old-school garage is great. The customers for our exclusive Porsche conversions appreciate the industrial atmosphere.”

Urs Erbacher, car customiser
HIAG Arealentw 4 Band Srgb

“The particular ambience at the Wydeneck site and the friendly cooperation Among neighbours are unique and perfect for our band, Djin Clyde.”

Moonfrogs, circle of friends Clockwise from top left: Jana, Yannick, Nicolas, Noah, Yannis and Finn

Temporary uses are a part of HIAG’s site strategy. They allow a site to be gradually opened up and revitalised. The establishment of suitable tenants along with active portfolio and asset management strengthen HIAG’s rental income base. Furthermore, the continuous development of the sites enables value increases in the yielding portfolio. Sites are successfully positioned on the market with structural adaptions and conversions. Current examples include the commercial site in Kleindöttingen, the residential properties in Klingnau and Windisch, and the Wydeneck site in Dornach.

The Wydeneck site is a landmark in Swiss industrial history: It was already being used for metalworking in 1895, and is still a production site for the metal industry today. Residential use is expected to largely replace the industrial use as part of its long-term development. A total of several hundred apartments along with retail and service-oriented surface areas are to be created over the next 15 to 25 years.

HIAG is supporting the temporary use at the Wydeneck site with a site manager, a technical employee and a dedicated site promoter. This use currently includes artists’ studios, the live music restaurant the Fat Inn, Erbacher the famous car customiser and a custom bike work shop, various band and youth rooms and a wide range of events off ered by “ TipiOase.ch”. This year, a cultural venue called the “Wyde-KANTINE” will open to the public and the Wydeneck quarter square will be upgraded with a participatory playground. Furthermore, a festival with market stands and performances by various music groups is planned for the month of June.

Tanja Mischler

“The wide array of tenants at the site during the temporary use makes everyday life at Wydeneck more interesting.”

Tanja Mischler, Wydeneck site manager
HIAG Arealentw 6 Paolo Greco Srgb

“It’s a great challenge to ensure that the old technology at the Wydeneck site works every day.”

Paolo Greco, Wydeneck site technical specialist
HIAG Arealentw 7 Vroni Erbacher Srgb

“There’s a cool community at the Wydeneck site. We have all sorts of rebels, dragsters and bikers here, even bluesrock concerts and ‘Guggemusik’ band rehearsals.”

Veronika Erbacher, proprietor of the Fat Inn restaurant at the Wydeneck site
HIAG Arealentw 8 Patrick Tschan Srgb

“Dornach has gained a lively new quarter with valuable opportunities for families, commerce and culture at the Wydeneck site.”

Patrick Tschan, writer and Wydeneck site promoter