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Interview with Marco Feusi, CEO, about the site in Niederhasli

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HIAG specialises in site development and operational management over the entire life cycle of a property. The focus is on the long-term development of large former industrial sites, usually over several stages and throughout the entire value chain of a property. A significant part of the increase in value is achieved with higher-value uses and, as a general rule, larger-scale uses. Rental income is also generated from interim uses until construction begins. The identification of suitable uses, a tailor-made product design, active sales and strict process and cost management allow us to significantly increase value.

Personal contact with tenants, authorities and other stakeholders is very important for HIAG, as this promotes individual solutions, cooperative relationships, stable income and growth potential in the long term.

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Multi-stage site development in Niederhasli

The multi-stage site development in Niederhasli is an excellent example of HIAG’s processes and skills. About half of the HIAG site in Niederhasli with a surface area of approximately 56,000 m² (sub-sites 1, 2 and 3) comes from HIAG’s industrial past. It has been used by the former Holzco-Doka formwork company as storage and commercial space since the 1950s. Between 1992 and 2005, a gradual densification took place, initially with the construction of the commercial building on Mandachstrasse, which is now used by third-party tenants (subsite 1). Then, in 2011 HIAG laid the foundation for further operational growth at Doka Schweiz (sub-site 2) by extending the western part by about 28,000 m². The development process began in 2015 as part of a cooperative development and long-term rental agreement with Doka Schweiz. New commercial and storage areas were created starting in 2019 and the completed offi ce building was handed over to Doka Schweiz in the spring of 2021.

For HIAG, the development resulted in a signifi cant increase in value and secured long-term cash flows. At the same time, the opportunity arose for a larger construction on around 17,000 m² of land with a higher utilization composed primarily of apartments in the centre area near Niederhasli railway station (sub-site 3).

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16'700 m²

Site development, planning phase
Investment approx. CHF 104 million
Potential rental income approx. CHF 3 million per year
Expected profi t from apartment sales approx. CHF 64 million

10’900 m²

Existing building being repositioned
Current rental income CHF 1.95 million
Conversion in 2026

28’100 m²

Investment property after development for Doka Schweiz
Current rental income CHF 2.26 million
Land value multiplied by 2.5
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In 2021, a multi-stage urban planning competition took place in close cooperation with various planning teams, the neighbouring property owner SBB Immobilien, and the municipality. The master plan is being seamlessly followed by the elaboration of a design plan, and construction is expected to start in 2026. Until then, the former commercial halls will house various interim uses. The commercial building on Mandachstrasse will also be comprehensively renovated and repositioned. Discussions are currently under way with a potential tenant, which is planning a retirement and care centre on around 8,000 m² of usable surface area.

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