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Areas that
match your goals

From immediately available spaces to the construction of a customised building in record time, The Hive responds to your needs with a flexible, innovative approach.

Spaces tailored to your needs

The areas available at The Hive are flexible, to enable quick installation within an innovative work ecosystem. You will benefit from all of the campus’s services in a flourishing natural environment.

Hive 1

A flexible layout tailored to your needs

The spaces within the Hive 1 building are modular and can be adapted to meet your needs. Whether administrative areas, research & development, laboratories or workshops, a full range of configurations are available. Lastly, the Minergie-certified building, renovated in 2019, offers natural light with clear views of the central planted atrium and the surrounding nature.

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Plug & Work

Flexible workspaces for your business!

  • Spaces from 205 m2 to 2’500 m2
  • Modular lease with flexible terms from 3 months
  • Renewable according to your needs
  • Immediate availability
  • Customised layout in line with your specifications
  • Alter your space as your company develops

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Hive 7

Visionary areas

  • From 350 m2 to 2'000 m2
  • Customised layouts according to your needs
  • Environmentally constructed with a wooden structure, climate neutral
  • Innovative architecture and flexible areas

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Thehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 1@2XThehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 1@2X
Thehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 2@2XThehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 2@2X
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Thehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 4@2XThehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 4@2X
Thehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 5@2XThehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 5@2X
Thehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 6@2XThehive Batiment Surfacesdisponibles 6@2X

Meeting the needs of the companies of the future

The Hive does more than just provide existing spaces tailored to your needs. We can also offer customised support and development for your projects. Take advantage of the expertise of a historic group for the construction of your future buildings.

Tailor-made projects

The expertise of the HIAG group enables the creation of personalised projects and offers a development and construction process in record time. Thanks to our specialist agents, your project, designed specifically to meet your needs, will be built quickly ready to welcome your staff. Across the 60,000 m2 of available building area on the campus, projects are developed taking a customised approach, and always using innovative, sustainable materials.

Thehive Building Tailormadeprojects 2@2XThehive Building Tailormadeprojects 2@2X
Thehive Building Tailormadeprojects@2XThehive Building Tailormadeprojects@2X







A long-term adventure with constant innovation

It all began in 2014 when the site was purchased by HIAG, which began to upgrade the greenery with the inhabited forest concept. Since then, The Hive has been constantly innovating, incorporating visionary projects into a strong dynamic of sustainable development. Following the arrival of the Luigia restaurant and the new LEM headquarters, campus development will continue.

Thehive Batiments Futur1@2X

A long-term vision to anticipate future needs more effectively

Innovation and sustainability are part of our DNA at The Hive. This long-term vision is helping to create new ways of working and living together. The Hive is designed for a wide range of uses and anticipate the needs of future societies by offering customised development projects.

Thehive Batiments Futur2@2X

The Hive also include innovative projects, such as rooftop workspaces made of containers, a climate-neutral wooden building and iconic high-rise buildings.

A relaxing environment for successful projects

The Hive has been developing the concept of the inhabited forest since its creation in 2014. The common spaces are entirely planted with a multitude of local plant species. The campus thus offers a pleasing sense of idyllic union between nature, which is present everywhere, and the innovative, flexible architecture.

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