HIAG Data and Noser Engineering Expand Their Partnership

Publié: 24. novembre 2017

Media Release

HIAG Data and Noser Engineering recently announced their collaboration to develop a Swiss solution for the Healthcare sector and a Europe-wide media platform. As part of this collaboration, HIAG Data and Noser Engineering will be focusing more on their respective core fields, which will ultimately benefit both companies' customers. On 1 December 2017, Christoph Pfister, Beat Zollinger and Martin Straumann will be transferring from Noser Engineering to HIAG Data for the positioning and further development of cloud infrastructure services.


Christoph Pfister, most recently Head Media Business Unit at Noser Engineering, will be bringing his expertise in the field of media to HIAG Data. Beat Zollinger, most recently CTO at Noser, will be driving HIAG Data's software engineering. Martin Straumann, who has been Head of the Business Unit Health and member of the Board of Management of Noser Engineering, will be focusing his know-how on the strategic orientation of cloud services in healthcare.


“By concentrating on our respective core competencies, we can increase transparency and efficiency for our clients,” explained Martin Durchschlag, CEO of HIAG Data. Geri Moll, CEO of Noser Engineering, added that “Noser Engineering is well-positioned in this even closer collaboration to push forward with innovations throughout the world while simultaneously benefiting from economies of scale in the cloud.”


By optimising cloud infrastructures for individual sectors, HIAG Data will continue to draw on Noser Engineering's software engineering skills. Noser Engineering plans to use HIAG Data's cloud infrastructure to make its industry solutions efficiently accessible to a wide range of customers. In addition, the joint collaboration also intends to expand into the finance, automotive and IoT industries.


HIAG Data AG Contact

Martin Durchschlag


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Noser Engineering AG Contact

Geri Moll


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Noser Engineering

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About Noser Engineering:

Noser Engineering supports local and multinational companies with individual digital solutions. As a leading and established Swiss software company, Noser Engineering accompanies its clients from vision to creation to operation and on to maintenance and further development. Approximately 170 experienced consultants and engineers develop successful business models and products with state-of-the-art technologies.



About HIAG Data:

HIAG Data makes a highly efficient cloud infrastructure platform available to IT service providers. With a self-owned, carrier-independent fibre optic network, HIAG Data provides its customers with an end-to-end service level that meets the highest standards of availability, data security and performance. HIAG Data is a 100% subsidiary of HIAG Immobilien Holding AG.