Sale-and-leaseback transaction to expand the development pipeline

Tranasktionen Areal Solothurn Srgb

HIAG acquired four commercial properties in Winterthur, Solothurn and Reinach (BL) as part of a sale-and-leaseback transaction. The seller, BR Bauhandel, remains a long-term tenant at all three sites with its Richner and Baubedarf brands. With this asset deal, HIAG strengthened its development pipeline by approximately 40,000 m2 of usable area and acquired two properties in Winterthur with about 10,000 m2 and 6,000 m2 of surface area, an approximately 29,000 m2 property in Solothurn currently with 13,000 m2 of usable area, and a property in Reinach (BL) that has about 4,500 m2 of rental surface area on an approximately 6,500 m2 site with construction rights. This considerable potential for retail and residential areas in Winterthur and Solothurn will enable a long-term increase in rental income and property value in HIAG’s portfolio.