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Published: 16. May 2017

Actes Industries 2205 Actes Industries 2205 Actes Industries 2205 Actes Industries 2205

Comptoir Immobilier presented future technology hub THE HIVE at a seminar held on Tuesday 16 May 2017 by the OPI, the CCIG, the FTI and the UIG at Industrie 4.0.

The headline topics discussed at the seminar focused on the re-conceptualisation of workspaces and the resizing of production lines as a result of the industry’s digitisation. By proposing the construction of bespoke buildings from 3,000m2 upwards and the development of a true campus for future talent, THE HIVE technology hub fully embraces the principles underpinning this domain.

THE HIVE: a human campus providing tenants with the opportunity to build their own bespoke building 3,000m2 and upwards in size.

ThehivebycomptoirimmobilierThehivebycomptoirimmobilier Watch the video