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A riverside place to call home

A new and vibrant place to live and work is emerging in Cham, just a stone’s throw from the Lorze river. The first phase will see the construction of 140 rental and condominiums, as well as space for services and businesses. From 2024, CHAMA will provide the space for a diverse range of ways to live and create.



Space for all ways of life

CHAMA Visualisierung mit Blick von der Lorze auf CHAMA


Design your condominium according to your wishes.

Start marketing April 2022
20H14 HIAG Cham Nord 210121 COURTYARD


Rental apartments with plenty of design space - just do what you feel like.

Start marketing spring 2023
CHAMA Visualisierung mit Blick in den gemeinschaftlichen Innenhof


We have the service and commercial areas to develop - you have the creative ideas.

Start marketing summer 2023

CHAMA offers a high standard of living

Open space and communal shared areas on your doorstep: CHAMA gives occupants and visitors the space to flourish.

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Columbus CHAMAColumbus CHAMA
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CHAMA, Projekt Columbus, Aussenansicht, VisualisierungCHAMA, Projekt Columbus, Aussenansicht, Visualisierung
4561 IP Terrasse Min4561 IP Terrasse Min
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CHAMA, Projekt Columbus, Innenansicht, VisualisierungCHAMA, Projekt Columbus, Innenansicht, Visualisierung

Keep informed of the project’s progress

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