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For people and climate

CHAMA should not only be progressive and modern in its thinking today, but also be able to survive in the world of tomorrow: With locally produced electricity, geothermal probes and district heating, we create sustainable living space.

Cold and heat from the ground

The geothermal probe fields are the most important source of energy on the site. They are operated as seasonal storage tanks: In winter, they generate heat to heat the flats and commercial premises, and in summer they are used to cool them.

The district heating system works like a giant central heating system: instead of being generated in each building individually, the heat is generated centrally. Waste heat from the incineration of waste is used for CHAMA (connection to the Ennetsee district heating network of WWZ). This existing waste heat is transported to the site via ground probes.

CHAMA Erdsonden

A good attitude to life

The Columbus building with its 52 condominiums will be certified according to Minergie. Minergie means that the building will have low energy consumption and a high proportion of renewable operating energy. Systematic air renewal in the interior rooms will ensure high air quality and a good indoor climate.   

Individual financial institutions reward the value retention of Minergie properties by offering better conditions for mortgage loans.

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The buildings in the first construction phase will be certified according to the SNBS building construction sustainability standard.

This certification includes:
- good energy efficiency in operation
- a high level of comfort for users and residents
- environmental factors such as mobility, building fabric and eco-balance
- social aspects such as quality of use and diversity of use.

In addition, there are economic issues such as regional value creation or the holistic consideration of life cycle costs from planning, construction, marketing and operation to subsequent conversion, refurbishment or replacement.

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