Planning permission granted for CHAMA

NEWS | 31. August 2021

Vogelperspektive Cham Vogelperspektive Cham Vogelperspektive Cham Vogelperspektive Cham

Cham is expanding. In 2023, the Lorzenpark and OYM will be joined by new rental and owner-occupied apartments, as well as versatile service and commercial spaces. The planning permission for the first phase was granted on 23 July.

Excavation work will begin soon on the site between the Lorze river and the existing Lorzenpark and OYM in the northern part of Cham. The planning permission for the proposed 140 apartments and 3,000 square metres of office, service and commercial space has now been obtained.


From 2023, the new neighbourhood, which will be known as CHAMA, will offer an attractive residential environment and high quality of life, with spaces for a wide variety of living and working models as well as places for taking a break, having fun and getting creative.


Excavation work is due to start in early 2022. The condominiums will go on the market in winter 2021/22, followed by the rental spaces in winter 2022/23.

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