An app exclusively for the CHAMA community

07. February 2023

CHAMA App (1) CHAMA App (1) CHAMA App (1) CHAMA App (1)

Anyone who lives in CHAMA or rents a commercial space can enjoy exclusive offers that can be viewed via the dedicated community app. Practical tips, useful information and spontaneous assistance - the app combines everything at a glance.

The app is versatile and can be used as often as you like. Once logged in, you can report your concerns around the clock, use the marketplace, the loan exchange and the noticeboard, or simply read the house rules, view your tenancy agreement or study the waste plan.


The CHAMA app is not only useful, it also promotes a sense of community and the common good: for example, if you have found a key, are looking for a babysitter, miss your cat or want to share the biscuits you baked yourself - the app makes socialising a breeze.


Overview of the app functions:


Use the pinboard to reach neighbours, colleagues or people in your neighbourhood.


Service Point

The Service Point allows you to communicate quickly and clearly with your property management.



Here you can sell or give away what you no longer need. Or you can offer your help - for free or for an honest price.


Borrowing Place

The Lending Place is the ideal place to lend things you don't need at the moment or don't need often.


My neighbours

"My Neighbours" helps you get to know your community better at a glance.


Neighbourhood information

If you want to know your neighbourhood better and want to know which restaurants, kindergartens, schools or pharmacies are in your area or which offers and services you can take advantage of.



This function can be used to rent rooms and book washing machines.



Here you will find general documents such as the house rules or the waste plan and apartment-specific documents such as your tenancy agreement.

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