Mission and Values

Land is valuable. That is why we jointly develop sites with potential into destinations with an identity, so that people and companies can flourish there in the long term.

Our mission

  • We also invest in properties, real estate projects and sites whose long-term potential is less obvious.
  • We develop sites in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in order to unlock their full potential and create more value to benefit people and companies.
  • We pay attention to the heritage of a destination and use its identity as inspiration for new aspects in the interests of people and companies.
  • We act with a long-term vision and aim for sustainable solutions, be it from an ecological, economic or social point of view.

Our Values

  • Getting things moving – We seize opportunities and tackle them together.
  • Being curious – We are open, we try new things and we are ready to take a chance.
  • Taking responsibility – We take responsibility for our sites as a whole and sustainably develop them in the interests of all the stakeholders.