Commercial and industrial parks

Business and industrial parks are sought-after workplaces, especially in regions close to city centres. They are multifunctional and combine function, diversity and campsite character. Office and warehouse space can be flexibly combined with each other. HIAG offers a wide range of space, from small to large, with a variety of options for industrial and commercial clients. The services we offer in the commercial and industrial parks are flexibly tailored to the entrepreneurial needs of the individual tenant community. Companies at the location benefit from a common infrastructure and receive services bundled from a single source. Not everything is possible at every location, but we will certainly find solutions together with you so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. We take care of everything else.

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Industrial Park Kleindöttingen

Produktionshalle Klingnau

Industrial Park Klingnau

Birsfelden Pier14 Aussenaufnahme2

Industrial Park Pier14

Meyrin The Hive Gebaeude Aussenansicht

Technology Campus The Hive

Campus Reichhold Brache

Campus Reichhold

Windisch Kunzareal Kunzwerk Innen

Business park Kunzwerk

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