Revitalisation of sites and properties with long-term development horizons

HIAG carries out transactions to complement organic growth and to optimise the quality of the real estate portfolio. We focus on industrial sites and properties that are on the brink of a new life cycle: former production sites, commercial, logistics and office properties, warehouse buildings and mixed-use commercial properties. This can also include former industrial locations that can be converted to a new use as well as residential properties that can be more fully used, development land and land parcels that round out our existing sites. We concentrate on areas in economic core regions and future-oriented growth regions such as cities and large municipalities in German-speaking and western Switzerland.

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Customised transactions

Comprehensive transaction experience and short decision paths support flexible and expedient project execution with a project-specific process design. We value transparent processes and support customised solutions. HIAG has a recognised track record in direct real estate purchases and sales as well as alternative transactions such as sale-and-rent-back deals, acquisitions of companies that own real estate and assets in kind. Examples of our transactions activity:

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