Biberist Papieri site

Type of use Industry / Office
Site area 271,946 m²
Building volume 1,842,356 m³
Usable area 43,526 m²
Biberist Papiere Areal Aussenaufnahme Allée Biberist Papiere Areal Aussenaufnahme Allée

The Papieri site is considered one of the most significant development areas in the canton of Solothurn. Thanks to its strategically advantageous location and extensive infrastructure, it offers excellent conditions for industry and commerce.


Within the framework of the redevelopment of the Papieri site, which is optimally located in terms of transport, HIAG is planning the development of a distinctly entrepreneurial innovation site in Biberist. The majority of the available surface area is currently rented as part of the interim use. A lively destination with industrial and commercial space, offices, retail space, many options for leisure activities and apartments should eventually be created at the Papieri site.


Industrial space 14,341 m²
Office space 3,114 m²
Leisure/cultural space 365 m²
Storage space 10,079 m²
Parking spaces 14
Noise sensitivity level IV


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