Our Strengths

Nachhaltige Wertschoepfung

Sustainable value creation

HIAG designs destinations that offer people and companies room to flourish in the long term. HIAG's business model is geared towards sustainable value creation, with project development planned over several years as well as active management, administration and leasing of real estate and continuous optimisation of the real estate portfolio through acquisitions and sales.

Herausragende Immobilienpipeline

An outstanding real estate pipeline

Our extensive real estate portfolio has several generations’ worth of development potential. Based on land surface area measurements of 2.7 million m2 including a project pipeline of approximately 783’000 m2, HIAG has one of the most extensive real estate portfolios with the greatest development potential of all the SIX Swiss Exchange listed real estate companies. Over 90% of the real estate portfolio is located in the economic core region in German-speaking and western Switzerland with a focus on office, commercial and logistics buildings as well as selected residential properties. The weighted average lease term (WAULT) over the entire portfolio is 8.1 years and the vacancy rate in the inventory portfolio is 9.7%.

Solide Finanzierungsstruktur

Solid financing structure

HIAG is solidly financed with debt and equity. The debt is structured in a balanced manner with bank financing and bonds that have a remaining term of 2.4 years after the refinancing in July 2021. The Loan-to-Value Ratio (LTV) is 51.0%. The equity ratio is 42.7%.

Strategisch Gepraegtes Ankeraktionariat

Strategy-minded anchor shareholders from the founding family

HIAG combines the long-term business policy of a family company with the financial flexibility and strength of a listed company.

Hohe Rentabilitaet

High profitability and long-term growth potential

The existing real estate portfolio offers a net return from rental income of 3.7%. The project pipeline includes 60 projects for the next ten years with a rental surface area of over 783'000 m2 and an investment volume of approximately CHF 2.9 billion.

Nachhaltige Ausschuettung

Sustainable dividend policy

The Board of Directors pursues an attractive and investor-friendly dividend policy that is consistent with the course of business.

Ausgewaehlte Kennzahlen

Financial data and key figures

The financial data and key figures provide an overview of selected values from the last annual and half-year reports. They are an extract from HIAG’s financial reporting and should always be read together with the half-year and annual reports or publications of results. Please note that the figures in the tables may differ from those in the respective half-year and annual reports or publications of results, for example due to adjustments to Swiss GAAP FER accounting standards.