HIAG's aspiration is to be one of the pioneers in the industry in the area of sustainability. Its activities are intended to achieve positive ecological, economic and social effects along the entire value chain.

Key sustainability figures

CO2 Emissionen

The emission intensity of the yielding portfolio was 8.5 kg of CO₂e per m² of energy reference area (ERA) in 2021.

CO2 Emissionen Wert

HIAG prefers to use public transport for business trips. In 2021, 69% of kilometres travelled were made by public transport.

Geschäftsreisen Wert

HIAG and HIAG Solar jointly produced 3.2 GWh of renewable energy from hydroelectric and solar sources in 2021. That is equivalent to the annual consumption of 900 households.

Solarstrom Wert

The HIAG portfolio includes 32 hectares of valuable biodiversity areas. That is equivalent to the surface area of 45 football fields.

Biodiversität Wert EN

HIAG invests in team development. In 2021, HIAG employees validated approximately 1,040 training hours of continuing education.

Weiterbildung Wert EN

HIAG plans for the future. In 2021, the share of Minergie-certified properties in the yielding portfolio was 13%.

Qualitaet Wert


Sustainability is a fundamental part of HIAG's business model and is at the heart of its business activities. HIAG is convinced that continuous progress in its own sustainability performance helps to identify entrepreneurial opportunities and risks at an early stage and to create excellent living spaces. In this way, HIAG generates social added value and entrepreneurial success. The sustainability strategy is embedded in the Corporate Strategy 2025. This has been approved by the Board of Directors and is reviewed annually for optimisation.

Sustainability EN

Sustainability goals 

HIAG sets itself ambitious and measurable goals. Information on the current degree of target achievement is provided in the sustainability report. Further goals are reviewed annually. Four goals are currently being pursued: 

  1. Development of a reduction path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the existing portfolio by 2023.
  2. Development of a guideline for the certification of buildings and the use of recyclable and recyclable products by 2023 
  3. Participation in the GRESB Real Estate Assessment 2022 (Standing Investments and Development) 
  4. Six-fold increase in the installation capacity of HIAG Solar, the joint venture with technology partner aventron, from 1 MWp in 2021 to 6 MWp in 2024 

Sustainability principles 

They embody the ideas of sustainable working and are lived out in day-to-day business. 

Our success depends on the social acceptance of our projects. We only create added value by including the various interests. Therefore, we regularly exchange ideas with our stakeholders.  

Selected practical examples

  • Public participation processes in project development (cf. Sustainability Report 2021)
  • Investor meetings and roadshows
  • Stakeholder involvement in the materiality analysis of our sustainability reporting (cf. Sustainability Report 2021)

This enables our stakeholders to gain in-depth insights into our work and creates trust. We have the highest standards for the quality and transparency of our reporting and implement them according to recognised standards.

Selected practical examples

As a listed company, we focus on long-term economic success.

Selected practical examples

By integrating existing structures into our development projects, we create living destinations, preserve history and save grey energy. In addition, by revitalising built-up areas, we make an important contribution to the inner densification of settlement areas.

Selected practical examples

With our extensive experience and many years of experience in the remediation of pollutants from contaminated building materials as well as the cleaning, remediation and professional disposal of soils on contaminated sites, we make a contribution to a safe and liveable environment.

Selected practical examples

With innovative development concepts, we create attractive living spaces for a healthy and safe life.

Selected practical examples

With our foresight and know-how, we try to anticipate upcoming challenges and master them in advance. This includes, for example, heat reduction on our sites.

Selected practical examples

We treat our employees as equals and support them in dialogue with our partners and with internal and external training opportunities.

Selected practical examples

  • HIAG's employee development strategy (cf. Sustainability Report 2021)

The promotion of diversity and equality is a matter of course for us and is demanded both internally and externally via the codes of conduct.

Selected practical examples

Our extensive biodiversity areas are professionally maintained and protected. They form important living and recreational spaces for people and nature. The issue of biodiversity is consistently taken into account in project development.

Selected practical examples

  • Green roofs in Meyrin
  • Information on our valuable biodiversity areas covering 32 hectares (cf. Sustainability Report 2021)

Sustainability policy and codes of conduct 

In order to live up to its responsibility as an ethically honest company, HIAG requires its employees and contracted business partners to adhere to its codes of conduct. They describe the expected business behaviour and define standards that must be respected and supported. Adherence to ethical standards and strict compliance with all laws relevant to the company form the basis of our activities. 

Sustainability policy for HIAG

Code of conduct for HIAG employees 

Code of conduct for HIAG's business partners and their subcontractors


HIAG's sustainability work is evaluated by various organisations. The results reflect the scope of the sustainability work performed and indicate additional HIAG strives to continuously improve the ratings it achieves. In doing so, HIAG focuses primarily on the Swiss sustainability rating from Inrate as well as the ratings of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). An expansion of the list of ratings relevant to HIAG and its stakeholders is reviewed annually.

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Inrate Sustainability Assessment 2022

Rating: B (scale A+ to D-)

Inrate is an independent Swiss sustainability rating agency. With the Sustainability Assessment, Inrate generates an industry-specific benchmark. Based on the above-average result in 2022 (rating: B), HIAG qualifies for the SPI ESG Index of the SIX for the first time. The results from the Inrate Sustainability Assessment are decisive for inclusion in the index.

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GRESB Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

Grace Period 2022

GRESB is the leading sustainability rating for the real estate industry. In 2022, HIAG participated in the GRESB Assessments Real Estate (Standing Investments and Development) for the first time. 

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