Wydeneck, Dornach


Launch of new site certificates with the participation of HIAG

Published: 05. October 2023

Alte Fabrikhalle im Wideneck Alte Fabrikhalle im Wideneck Alte Fabrikhalle im Wideneck Alte Fabrikhalle im Wideneck

The Swiss landscape of sustainability certifications for real estate is undergoing a significant change. Yesterday, Minergie and SNBS launched the two new labels "Minergie-Areal" and "SNBS-Areal", which, among other things, replace the previous certification "2000-Watt-Areal". With these differentiated certificates, two effective and comprehensible instruments will be available in future for the certification of sustainably built sites.

HIAG is proud that its Wydeneck site in Dornach (SO) has already passed the preliminary inspection as a Minergie site. As one of three pilot sites, HIAG and Minergie used Wydeneck to test the practicality of the new label. HIAG is very pleased that the site meets the certification requirements and was able to make an active contribution to optimising the new certificate. An analysis commissioned by HIAG was also able to prove that the site, which will offer living and working space for around 1,800 and 500 people respectively in a phased development until 2040, also meets the requirements for the new SNBS site certificate.

HIAG's active involvement in the realignment of the Swiss certification landscape underscores its commitment to its new certification strategy and its strong commitment to greater sustainability. "It is a central concern of HIAG that certificates are practical and goal-oriented. Certificates should be a transparent and reliable guideline for property owners, tenants as well as investors and create added value for all stakeholders," says Marco Feusi, CEO at HIAG.

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