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An oasis for talent

Published: 20. April 2023


In Meyrin, Canton Geneva, HIAG has developed a campus for high-tech companies. The Hive offers a unique environment focused on exchange and sustainability. A customised headquarters was built for the electrical sensor manufacturer LEM.

As a tenant, you usually have to make do with finished buildings and settle into them as best you can. HIAG takes a different approach to the development of its sites: the requirements that tenants have for their future domicile are determined in advance and integrated as best as possible. This was also the process at The Hive. "HIAG was willing to construct a building for us according to our needs," says Fabrice Pralong, Operations Manager at LEM. He says that was decisive for the choice of location (see interview). At the beginning of 2022, LEM, a globally leading Swiss producer of sensors for measuring current and electrical voltage, moved its headquarters to the new campus. A stone's throw from Geneva, administration, development and research as well as production are now united under one roof. "We built exactly what the tenant LEM wanted," says Thierry Charlier, the responsible project developer from HIAG.

High-tech in a natural environment
Another decisive factor was the "spirit". The Hive is designed as a campus for innovation and high-tech, oriented towards collaboration and exchange - in keeping with its name: "Hive" means "beehive". All this is embedded in an attractive environment with meeting zones and lots of nature. You can take a walk under the trees or play ping-pong and pétanque. The concept is probably unique in Switzerland. LEM was very attracted by the surroundings and the infrastructure, confirms Fabrice Pralong. "Companies like LEM employ a lot of talent," says project developer Thierry Charlier. These highly qualified young employees are used to working in a high-quality environment, he says. "To be able to keep them in the company, the working conditions have to be attractive." The Hive offers the best conditions for this. And it is in a good location: the site has its own public transport connection, only a few minutes' drive from Geneva airport and the Zimeysa railway station, in the vicinity of the renowned CERN.

«Companies like LEM employ many talented people. In order to keep them, the working conditions have to be attractive.» Thierry Charlier, Project Developer


A centre for the tech industry
Last but not least, it was important for LEM that Hewlett Packard (HP), a leading company from the tech sector, was already present at the site. HIAG built a new European headquarters for HP on the site, which opened in 2017. HP's previous office building was renovated according to Minergie standards and is open to tenants. The American computer giant now employs more than 400 people here. Together with LEM, it forms the core of the technology cluster. The companies also benefit from the possibility of holding events on the campus. Rooms can be rented for meetings, events and conferences in the Hive Innovation Lab. In addition, there are co-working spaces and office space offered by another tenant, Regus. These are particularly interesting for start-ups. The tenant service also includes the presence of a HIAG manager on the premises who is available to help with any concerns.

Trendy meeting place
The Luigia restaurant is located in the centre of the campus. In addition to an Italian restaurant, the gastronomy chain runs an educational centre, the Luigia Academy, and a laboratory where culinary research is conducted according to the principles of the circular economy. Some of the food is grown in gardens on the premises. The site is still in the middle of development, with about half of it still undeveloped. The Hive is unique in that it is ISO 26000 certified due to its high standards of social responsibility and sustainability. It is probably the only site in Switzerland with this certificate. The "hardware" of the campus is also sustainable, as evidenced by the use of environmentally friendly building materials, solar energy and energy-saving cooling and heating systems. And all of this is embedded in a lot of greenery. Species-rich meadows and groups of trees invite you to linger. Even bees populate the grounds. The campus even produces its own honey. Directly from the honeycomb, the "hive".

3 Questions for Fabrice Pralong, Operations Manager LEM


Why did you choose The Hive as the location for your new headquarters?
We were very attracted to the campus. The infrastructure is an important factor for our strategic positioning. The natural surroundings also appealed to us. But the decisive factor was that HIAG was willing to construct a customised building for us. The new company headquarters is completely tailored to our needs.

How did you experience the cooperation with HIAG?
It worked extremely well. I am convinced that HIAG can optimally support companies that want to move into this campus. We encountered a team of experts who worked very well with us.

What is the advantage of The Hive?
One of the great strengths is its versatility. The multifunctional area can accommodate any type of business, be it industrial or service. For us, the added value of The Hive is specifically that it is easier to recruit new talent because of the attractive environment at the new headquarters.