Information event on the future of the Campus Reichhold


The course is being set anew on the Campus Reichhold

Published: 02. August 2021

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An information event (with registration) on the future development of the Reichhold site will be held on 26 August 2021 from 7 to 9 pm in the Hausen multi-purpose hall. Together with the two municipalities of Hausen and Lupfig, the owner HIAG will provide information about the future of the site and the concrete next steps.

Why is the Reichhold site suddenly called Campus Reichhold? Which companies do you want to attract with the planned space? And what is the added value that the population of Hausen and Lupfig will gain from this process?

These and other questions concerning the planning, the open space, the traffic development and the connection of the Reichhold Campus to the existing structures will be discussed at the information event on 26 August 2021. In addition, residents of Hausen and Lupfig will have the opportunity to voice their concerns, wishes and worries directly to the multidisciplinary planning team. "It is important to us that the future Reichhold Campus is well connected to its surroundings, both in terms of landscape and transport - so that not only the employees of the future "campus companies", but also the residents of Lupfig and Hausen feel comfortable with us", says Alex Römer, who is responsible for the project as site developer at HIAG.

For organisational reasons, registration is required. Participation can be registered by 19 August 2021 in Hausen with the Building and Planning Department by telephone (056 461 70 48) or by e-mail ( (please indicate name, address, telephone number and number of persons).

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