Brunegg 1

Type of use Logistics
Site area 15,293 m²
Building volume 118,894 m³
Usable area 10,635 m²
Logistikzentrum Brunegg Logistikzentrum Brunegg

Located directly on the A1 motorway, the logistics site in Brunegg offers a top quality location for logistics companies.


The site has exceptional transport connections. The cantonal road runs east of the village between Wohlen and Brugg. This is also where the connection to the A1 motorway is located, and the Brugg connection to the A3 motorway is just four kilometres further north. Until recently, the site was used by a wholesaler specialising in the supply of kiosks and petrol station shops. It offers ample space and efficient infrastructure.


Industrial space 7,905 m²
Office space 1,263 m²
Storage space 1,467 m²
Parking spaces 73
Noise sensitivity level II


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