Frauenfeld Walzmühle site

Type of use Trade / Living / Office
Site area 20,810 m²
Building volume 59,334 m³
Usable area 4,470 m²
Frauenfeld Walzmuehle Luftaufnahme (1) Frauenfeld Walzmuehle Luftaufnahme (1)

The Walzmühle site is one of the most important industrial areas in the canton of Thurgau. The site offers a wide range of uses from residential to commercial space, is located only a few minutes north of the Frauenfeld city centre by foot and has its own bus stop.


The Walzmühle site has an idyllic location on the Murg river, adjacent to a nearby recreational area. With buildings of various architectural expressions, it offers architectural diversity in a small space. The offering includes loft apartments and rental units, as well as workshop, office, retail and storage space and a popular meeting spot at a bakery with a café and take-away counter.


Office space 2,101 m²
Commercial space 561 m²
Storage space 217 m²
Residential space 1,464 m²
Number of apartments created 9
Number of loft apartments created 9


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