Hausen/Lupfig Campus Reichhold

Type of use Industry / Trade / Logistics
Site area 64,258 m²
Miniaturbild Drohnenaufnahme Campus Reichhold 16Zu9 Miniaturbild Drohnenaufnahme Campus Reichhold 16Zu9

Campus Reichhold is one of the key development areas in the canton of Aargau. Its ideal location close to the Birrfeld motorway intersection makes it an attractive site for industry and commerce in the heart of Switzerland.


Half of the Campus Reichhold lies in the municipality of Hausen and the other half in the municipality of Lupfig in the direct vicinity of the Brugg/Windisch motorway entrance and offers practically unlimited possibilities for industrial and business operations. Inter-municipal issues such as housing, traffic, the environment and land management are regulated in a master plan. HIAG currently expects the site to be developed in multiple phases.


Noise sensitivity level III/IV
Construction zone Work zone


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