Type of use Trade / Office / Living / Sale / Warehouse
Site area 14,275 m²
Usable area 7,654 m²
Wetzikon Floos Gebaeude aussen Wetzikon Floos Gebaeude aussen

The listed industrial ensemble Floos is located at the eastern entrance to Aathal in the municipality of Wetzikon. The former spinning mill has a unique atmosphere and excellent access thanks to its location on the cantonal road.


On the site of the Floos spinning mill, one of Wetzikon's oldest industrial facilities, a diverse, colourful commercial location is being created. As part of a gentle redevelopment, a versatile range of individual solutions is being created with studios and offices, gastronomy and retail space, workshops and storage areas.


Office space 967 m²
Commercial space 3,009 m²
Storage space 1,978 m²
Residential space 906 m²
Retail space 499 m²
Gastronomy space 295 m²
Forest and agricultural area 3'465 m²
Noise sensitivity level ES IV
Building zone Industrial zone with private design plan


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