Corporate Governance

Our Corporate Governance allows us to manage the relationship between our shareholders, our Board of Directors and our Management.

Organisational rules

The Organisational Rules determine the responsibilities and powers of the management levels within HAIG.

HIAG Organisational Rules

Sustainability policy and codes of conduct 

Ethical and professional standards. We want to set standards as a sustainable real estate company, both ethically and professionally. Our codes of conduct for employees and business partners commissioned by us and their subcontractors help us to do this.

Sustainability policy for HIAG

Code of conduct for HIAG employees

Code of conduct for HIAG's business partners and their subcontractors

Articles of incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation describe the purpose of the company and HIAG’s basic organisational framework.

HIAG Articles of Incorporation

HIAG Articles of Incorporation (Proposal for the Annual General Meeting on 18 April 2024)

Investment Guidelines

The investment guidelines form the basis for investment and divestment decisions and define the financing guidelines of HIAG Immobilien Holding AG and its directly and indirectly held subsidiaries.

HIAG Investment Guidelines