The former Rohner site in Pratteln is "chemical-free"

Published: 24. November 2020

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Preparations for future use are progressing: a first milestone has been reached in the deconstruction work on the former Rohner site. The Basel-Landschaft authorities recently officially confirmed that the site is "chemical-free".

The complete dismantling of the site is expected to be completed in summer 2021. Parallel to the deconstruction, HIAG is preparing the future use of the Pratteln site. HIAG has commissioned a corresponding study and will inform the general public about the planning intentions at the beginning of 2021.

Last week, high-ranking representatives of the cantonal and municipal authorities (Basel-Landschaft cantonal government, Pratteln mayor and Basel-Landschaft Office for Environmental Protection and Energy) visited the site to see how the deconstruction work was progressing. It was noted that HIAG has reached an important milestone with its great efforts for professional dismantling: The Basel-Landschaft Office for Environmental Protection and Energy has officially confirmed that the site is now "chemical-free".

Site development in the starting blocks

Over the past months, some 1,500 tonnes of hazardous waste and chemicals have been properly disposed of in close coordination and thanks to excellent cooperation with the cantonal authorities. The remaining demolition work on the production halls and warehouses is currently underway, with the aim of completing this in the summer of 2021. The official confirmation from the authorities gives HIAG the green light to press ahead with the transformation of the site and preparations for its future use. Over the next few years, the site is to be transformed into a mixed-use, vibrant part of Pratteln, offering space for residential, commercial and publicly accessible open spaces. Thanks to its proximity to the Pratteln railway station and the tram connection on Baslerstrasse, the site is excellently accessible and offers excellent conditions for a new development.


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