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Our own HIAG honey

Published: 05. February 2021

The Hive Imker The Hive Imker The Hive Imker The Hive Imker

Episode 2: Our nine beehives produced almost 70 kg of honey in 2020! Bees are on the one hand the symbol of a return to nature in the city and on the other hand of collective intelligence. A philosophy that HIAG shares, as we develop an ideal and sustainable environment for our small beekeepers, but also for the represented companies on the technology campus 'The Hive'. The many species of trees and flowers on campus have allowed our little charges to forage in peace. Our partner in Geneva, Bees4You, helped us harvest our honey at the end of each day. See more in the video.

The Hive ImkerThe Hive Imker Watch the video