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Published: 21. December 2021

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HIAG specialises in the development of sites and operational management along the entire value chain over the life cycle of a property.

HIAG focuses on the long-term development of large former industrial sites in several stages and sustainable value creation. A first significant part of the value enhancement is achieved with higher-quality uses and, as a rule, larger use sizes. Furthermore, interim uses generate rental income until the start of construction. The identification of suitable uses, tailor-made product design, active marketing and streamlined process and cost management then offer significant potential for value enhancement. HIAG understands site development as the entire process of transferring historically grown sites into a new long-term utilisation cycle. The projects can be planned for several years or decades. They take into account all important factors, from site infrastructure to mobility planning, which support a high-quality densification and utilisation of the sites. The attractiveness of the properties is further increased with the settlement of companies and a tailor-made design of the available space. HIAG places great value on personal contact with tenants, authorities and other stakeholders. This promotes individual solutions and cooperative relationships as well as sustainable earnings and growth potential.

Multi-phase site development Niederhasli

Around half of the HIAG site in Niederhasli, with a total area of around 56,000 m2 (subareas 1, 2 and 3), dates back to HIAG's industrial past. Since the 1950s, it was used by the former Holzco-Doka Schalungstechnik as storage and commercial space. Between 1992 and 2005, a gradual densification took place. First, with the construction of the commercial building on Mandachstrasse, which is now used by third-party tenants (partial area 1). Then, in 2011, HIAG created the basis for Doka Switzerland's further operational growth by rounding off the western part of the site with around 28,000 m2 (sub-site 2). In 2015, the development process began within the framework of a development partnership and long-term lease agreement with Doka Switzerland. From 2019, new commercial and storage The completed office building was handed over to Doka Switzerland in spring 2021. For HIAG, the development resulted in a considerable increase in value as well as secured long-term cash flows. At the same time, the opportunity opened up for a larger development on around 17,000 m2 of land with a higher level of utilisation and mostly residential uses in the centre zone directly next to the S-Bahn station (sub-area 3). In 2021, a multi-stage urban planning study competition was held in close cooperation with various planning teams, the neighbouring landowner SBB Immobilien and the authorities. The indicative project will be followed seamlessly by the preparation of the design plan, and construction is expected to begin in 2026. Until then, there are various interim uses for the former commercial halls. The commercial building on Mandachstrasse is also to be comprehensively renovated and repositioned. Talks are currently underway with potential tenants who are planning a retirement and care centre on around 8,000 m2 of floor space.


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