Permit for new commercial building granted

Published: 19. December 2022

Librec Visualisierung Librec Visualisierung Librec Visualisierung Librec Visualisierung

The building permit for the first new building on the Papieri site is now legally binding. Construction work on the commercial building, which will be built for the clean-tech company Librec, can begin at the beginning of 2023. Librec will operate the first Swiss recycling centre for batteries from electric vehicles, using world-leading processes. The goal is to be able to recover more than 90 percent of the raw materials from the batteries. The handover and occupation of the fully rented commercial building is scheduled for the end of 2023.

The new building consists of a multi-functionally designed commercial hall of over 3,000 m2 with an office building at the top. This offers optimal conditions for efficient operation and its future development. In the conception and design of the building, consideration was given to the sensitive situation vis-à-vis the local recreation area. For example, it has a wooden façade and deliveries are made exclusively from the side facing away from the Emmen area. Together with the building, the access to the construction site including the bridge over the canal will be realised; the corresponding building permit has also been obtained.

With its extensive infrastructure and excellent transport connections on the A1 between Bern and Zurich, the Papieri site offers optimal conditions for the recycling centre. Through active development measures, the site has further large building plots available for users from the commercial and industrial sectors, on which tailor-made spaces can be made available quickly.

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