Papieri site Biberist


HIAG starts demolition work on the Papieri site in Biberist

Published: 10. February 2022

Papieri-Areal Drohnenaufnahme Papieri-Areal Drohnenaufnahme Papieri-Areal Drohnenaufnahme Papieri-Areal Drohnenaufnahme

HIAG is creating free space for new businesses on the Papieri site in Biberist. Various buildings and halls with around 250,000 m³ are to be demolished for this purpose. HIAG recently received building permission from the Biberist municipality for the planned demolition.

After a large number of plants and paper machines were sold in recent years, various halls on the approximately 272,000 m² Papieri site are now available for transformation. However, the building fabric in many places is designed for paper production and for this reason not all halls can be converted. "However, in order to increase the chances of new settlements by future tenants, we want to deconstruct part of the site already now. Time-to-market is crucial in commercial developments," explains Michele Muccioli, the responsible site developer at HIAG. The municipality of Biberist only recently granted the necessary permit for the deconstruction. HIAG is thus creating space for users from the commercial and industrial sectors through the 'FREIRAUM Mitte' project. The deconstruction will make around 15,000 m² of building land available for production and commercial enterprises. The replacement building has a usable area of around 12,000 m² to 14,000 m².

The disposal of the building pollutants is already underway. The demolition of the buildings will start in mid-February 2022 and should last until the end of the year.

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