Participation of the population

Published: 13. July 2022

Wydeneck Labor 2.0 Wydeneck Labor 2.0 Wydeneck Labor 2.0 Wydeneck Labor 2.0

The development process at Wydeneck in Dornach is being closely followed by the population. The second participation event took place in May 2022. These are an important instrument for incorporating the needs of the local population.

A lot has happened since the first "Metalli-Labor" in 2018. In the meantime, the area has been opened up and offers an exciting range of rental spaces and transitional uses. The partial zoning plan revision is also well underway and was referred to the canton by the Dornach municipal council in 2021.

In order to provide information about the current status and the further planning steps, the Dornach municipal council and HIAG invited people to the WydeKantine. First, the 40 or so participants were able to take a tour and get an idea of the transitional uses on the site. The neighbourhood square and the work playground were still under construction and had since been opened at the Wydenfest.

After a welcome by the mayor, HIAG gave a tour of the current developments. Afterwards, the participants discussed the presented topics under expert moderation. Inputs were written in alternating groups, which were then collected and jointly classified. In addition to the connection to the A18, those present were primarily concerned with the communication of HIAG and the municipality and the future mix of uses. Here are the presentation the photo protocol and the summary report can be found here.

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