Wydeneck, Dornach


Incentive for future development

Published: 08. June 2022

Visualisierung Wydeneck Dornach Visualisierung Wydeneck Dornach Visualisierung Wydeneck Dornach Visualisierung Wydeneck Dornach

The former industrial site Metalli in Dornach will be developed into the lively residential and working area 'Wydeneck' in the coming decades. Such long-term site developments always require the involvement of the local population.

Together with the municipality of Dornach, a participation event was held directly on the site for the second time: The aim was to meet the people of Dornach and to create acceptance for the future development ideas and intentions. After a short tour of the site, the participants were informed about the next steps in the planned development of the site, followed by a moderated discussion and presentation of the results.

"We are very satisfied with the active participation. Such participation events are essential for us to enter into dialogue with the population," explains Michele Muccioli, the responsible site developer at HIAG. "This lets us know where we stand with our development and where we can perhaps make improvements or readjustments."

Image source: Wochenblatt / Fabia Maieroni

Wydeneck Workshop1
Wydeneck Workshop2
Wydeneck Workshop1
Wydeneck Workshop2

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