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Another clean-tech company on the Papieri site in Biberist

Published: 26. June 2024

Grensol AG Papieri Biberist Grensol AG Papieri Biberist Grensol AG Papieri Biberist Grensol AG Papieri Biberist

On 1 July, HIAG was able to attract another tenant from the clean-tech sector, Grensol AG, to the Papieri site. The start-up is building its first pilot plant in Switzerland in an existing commercial building covering almost 860 square metres.

Grensol is focussing on the carbon-neutral recycling of waste from scrap cars. Grensol's aim is to maximise the recycling of this waste so that the incineration and landfilling of these recycling residues is prevented at the same time. Furthermore, these waste materials are converted into valuable low-emission resources such as hydrogen, carbon black, metals and glass in line with the circular economy. Grensol was awarded the W.A. de Vigier Prize, one of the most coveted development prizes in Switzerland, for its project on 19 June.

Alongside Librec AG, Grensol AG is now the second Swiss clean-tech company to use its innovative recycling process on the Papieri site. Both start-ups deal with the recovery of valuable raw materials and thus make an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy and a clean and sustainable future.

"We are very pleased that Grensol AG, a second clean-tech company, has already decided to build its innovative plant on our Papieri site," says Raphael Schibli, the responsible asset manager at HIAG. "This shows that the Papieri site offers ideal conditions for companies from various industries to develop."

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