Biberist Papieri site

Type of use Industry / Office / Trade / Living
Site area 274,585 m²
Building volume 1,842,356 m³
Usable area 43,526 m²
Biberist Papiere Areal Aussenaufnahme Allée Biberist Papiere Areal Aussenaufnahme Allée

The Papieri site is considered one of the most important development areas in the canton of Solothurn. Thanks to its strategically favourable location and high-performance infrastructure, it offers the best conditions for manufacturing industry and innovative businesses.


The Papieri site is to be transformed from its previous mono-use as a paper mill into a multi-use site for a wide range of stakeholders. In addition to the largely commercial industrial use, places will be created on the site where work, art and culture will find space alongside housing and leisure uses. The opening up and accessibility of the site will be carried out in several stages and depending on the demanded needs. This process of opening up is already beginning: various users have already settled on the site and are bringing a breath of fresh air to the area.


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