Winterthur Fahrwerk

Type of use Warehouse / Office / Trade / Sale
Site area 10,454 m²
Building volume 73,178 m³
Visu Logo Fahrwerk Technoramastrasse 16 9 Visu Logo Fahrwerk Technoramastrasse 16 9

In the commercial and industrial quarter "Hegmatten", approx. 10,500 m2 of rental space will be created from autumn / winter 2024 in a new commercial building "Fahrwerk Winterthur", which will offer the best conditions for your business on several accessible floors.


The site is embedded in the Neuhegi urban development area, which will grow into a second urban centre for the city of Winterthur and thus assume an important function in future urban planning. Neuhegi is already a diverse urban district where internationally active high-tech companies are located. With the Eulachpark, Winterthur's largest park has been created in recent years.
Despite the focus on manufacturing industry, workshops or transshipment logistics, attention is paid to high-quality representativeness.


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