Project Manager Sustainability at HIAG


3 Questions for Andreas Kalberer

Published: 25. July 2023

HIAG Andreas Kalberer (1) HIAG Andreas Kalberer (1) HIAG Andreas Kalberer (1) HIAG Andreas Kalberer (1)

HIAG is active in the areas of site development, portfolio and asset management, and transactions. But who are the people behind HIAG? The new series "3 Questions for" introduces an HIAG employee every month.

Andreas Kalberer works at HIAG as a sustainability project manager. He deals with all sustainability-related tasks at Group level.

Describe your job at HIAG: What are you responsible for? What are your tasks?
My tasks range from the preparation of our sustainability reporting, to the development of strategies and guidelines, to the management of our sustainability assessments. For example, I calculate our greenhouse gas emissions, engage in dialogue with banks and assessment institutes and continuously develop our sustainability initiatives. Sustainable management is crucial for HIAG. We want to create properties and sites that are sustainable, long-lasting and in demand. As a responsible company, we want our activities to create social, environmental and economic added value along the entire supply chain.

What do you particularly like about your work at HIAG?
The incredible breadth of topics. Since we handle almost all sustainability work internally, I come into contact with new issues almost every week. From occupational safety on our construction sites to the implementation of efficient data collection solutions, there is almost no topic that I don't deal with. The contact with colleagues within HIAG is very intensive, and the cooperation with the various departments is extremely exciting and instructive. The interest in familiarising myself with new issues is central to my function and makes this work particularly exciting. I find it very satisfying to develop my own ideas, coordinate them with colleagues and then implement them in practice. The wide scope for creativity and the associated freedom are very appealing to me and make my job so varied.

What are the biggest challenges in your daily work?
In my position, I often work with various internal and external experts. People from different disciplines come together. This interdisciplinary cooperation is crucial for living sustainability and developing practicable solutions. However, due to the different ways of seeing and working, this collaboration can also be challenging and complex. Good communication and mutual understanding are therefore crucial for the success of such projects.