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3 Questions for Paolo Greco

Published: 16. October 2023

HIAG Paolo Greco HIAG Paolo Greco HIAG Paolo Greco HIAG Paolo Greco

HIAG is active in the areas of site development, portfolio and asset management, and transactions. But who are the people behind HIAG? The new series "3 Questions for" introduces an HIAG employee every month.

Paolo Greco works for HIAG as a technical employee at the Wydeneck site in Dornach. For the past 2.5 years he has been the on-site contact person for tenants, visitors, authorities and external service providers.

Describe your job at HIAG: What are you responsible for? What are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities include maintaining and upgrading the buildings, ensuring safety on site and maintaining the surrounding nature. My daily responsibilities are extremely varied: I carry out repairs and renovations, take care of lawn maintenance, build raised beds, monitor and control technical equipment and facilities, commission and accompany external service providers and am occasionally involved in the organisation and implementation of events. Last year, I also had the opportunity to look after children on the grounds every Wednesday afternoon: we did handicrafts together on site and the children could take their creations home afterwards.

What do you particularly like about your work at HIAG?
I really enjoy the varied, independent work and the many contacts with different people. No two days are the same, and there is always a lot of activity on the premises - that's exactly what I like about my job. The opportunity to actively participate in decision-making processes, to help shape developments and to contribute my own ideas to change the Wydeneck site motivates me every day. When I compare the current state with two and a half years ago when I started working at HIAG, I am particularly proud of the progress and changes we have achieved. I look forward to the coming years and the further developments towards the "Quartier Wydeneck".

What are the biggest challenges in your day-to-day work?
The former industrial area is continuously developing towards the planned Wydeneck quarter. The interim uses are constantly changing. For example, we have had a new school on the site since August. This means extensive preparation, organisation and coordination of external service providers. We have to lend a hand ourselves to meet the specific requirements of the building, hold talks with architects, ensure safety for the children, set new rules for street traffic, put up signage and hold intensive talks with the other tenants on the site - the list is long. In addition to such major projects, which can last for several months, I also have my regular tasks that need to be done. At such times, it is crucial to set clear priorities and organise myself in the best possible way to ensure that everything is implemented on time.