Accounting Specialist at HIAG


3 questions for Vanessa Meier

Published: 25. April 2024

Vanessa Meier Grezda Vanessa Meier Grezda Vanessa Meier Grezda Vanessa Meier Grezda

HIAG is active in the areas of property development, portfolio and asset management as well as transactions. But who are the people behind HIAG? With the new series "3 questions to", a HIAG employee is introduced every month.

Vanessa Meier works in Basel as an Accounting Specialist.

Describe your job at HIAG: What are you responsible for? 

As an accounting specialist, I am involved in many accounting processes and topics. My responsibilities include day-to-day accounting activities as well as supporting the Head of Accounting in his tasks. This includes, for example, the preparation of annual accounts for our companies, the processing of VAT settlements and the preparation of analyses. I am also actively involved in a working group for the development of new processes and the further development of existing processes in our Abacus system. I support these from conception to implementation.

What do you particularly like about your work at HIAG?
I find the property sector a very exciting area when it comes to accounting. At HIAG, the diverse portfolio and large number of projects give me the opportunity to regularly learn new things and expand my knowledge. I also appreciate the interaction with my colleagues; we support each other and have a good working relationship.

What are the biggest challenges in your day-to-day work?
Due to my multifaceted area of responsibility, I come across new challenges with my colleagues. These have to be recognised and solved together. This is particularly the case when developing new processes or optimising existing workflows. However, it is precisely the challenging tasks that I enjoy the most and that make my job so exciting.