Transaction manager at HIAG


3 questions for Eike Hufnagl

Published: 31. March 2024

HIAG Eike Hufnagl HIAG Eike Hufnagl HIAG Eike Hufnagl HIAG Eike Hufnagl

HIAG is active in the areas of property development, portfolio and asset management as well as transactions. But who are the people behind HIAG? With the new series "3 questions to", a HIAG employee is introduced every month.

Eike Hufnagl works as a transaction manager at HIAG.

Describe your job at HIAG: What are you responsible for? What are your tasks?
I am responsible for transaction management, i.e. on the one hand I identify and analyse potential properties that are suitable for acquisition. On the other hand, I oversee sales from our existing portfolio if it is determined that we are no longer the ideal owner for the property in question. In the case of an acquisition, I make an initial market value assessment and develop a convincing transaction scenario with HIAG as a partner for the seller. During the acquisition process, I lead our team of internal and external experts in the due diligence process, in which all relevant property information is examined and potentials and possible risks are assessed. In the event of a sale, we first carry out an internal due diligence: I deal with the preliminary review of the property documentation and draw up a sales mandate for suitable partners and then manage the process through to the conclusion of the purchase agreement.

What do you particularly like about your work at HIAG?
I particularly appreciate the diversity within my field of activity. On the one hand, you gain a comprehensive overview of the transaction markets and prices in Switzerland, actively navigate the tension between the acquisition and sales sides and learn how the ownership structure is diversified within Switzerland. In addition, working with the various stakeholders within a transaction process, from initialisation to completion, is always exciting and instructive.

What are the biggest challenges in your day-to-day work?
The biggest challenges are finding suitable properties with potential to increase earnings for our divisions 'Site development' and 'Portfolio/Asset Management' in the current market environment. It also requires a precise and responsible assessment of the potential and risks of these properties.